Send Your Branding

Congratulations on your purchase!  

On this page, you will find instructions on how to send me your logo so I can personally watermark and brand your images.

Please choose what fits you best below:

Do You Have A Logo?

E-mail your logo file (or a link to your file) to

You can send files with any of the following extensions:  .png, .jpg, .ai, .psd .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .bmp. (Please note that if your logo file isn't usable, I may need to charge a re-creation fee, but on the plus side, you will have your logo for future use!)

Do You Want To Use Your Name?

E-mail the exact text to

You can use your name, your website name or your company name! I can choose a font for you or you can pick any Google font you like, just send along the name of the font you prefer!

Do You Need A Logo?

E-mail and I will get in touch with you!

We can do a quick & easy logo process to get you a visual identity without breaking the bank!

Do You Need Help?

E-mail and I will help you out!

If you're unsure about the above, or what to send, just e-mail and we will get things straightened out quickly so I have access to the files I need to brand your logo pack!

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