For People Struggling With Options

​Sometimes it's easier to figure out what NOT to do!

​ After a busy week trying to get organized ​for our Thanksgiving dinner this year, I struggled to come into focus on any given task or direction ​after the urgent tasks were completed and family-time w​as enjoyed.  

Over the course of the last year, I've been creating a lot of different products and ​putting together a ​great deal of information on everything from ​"How to create your own website" to ​"How to ​find motivation from your anxiety".  ​I'm still in the middle of ​creating these websites and classes now, moving back and forth between them. However, my business is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time when I find myself unable to concentrate on what I should do first and I'm feeling pulled in every direction.  

It's easier to focus on something with a firm destination - for example, October 6th was ​the date I was going to be cooking that Thanksgiving dinner for my family.  I wanted to ​cook an enjoyable meal and I wanted to have a tidy house.  That date ​was ​firm no matter what I ​did leading up to that goal. That single ​destination made everything come into laser-focus.

​I knew exactly what I needed to do to get myself where I wanted to go.

As for my business though, all of these ideas that I seem ​good at generating and getting ​started often seem to get stalled somewhere in the middle of each project (or even sometimes very close to launch) and then fail to become all that they could become.  No targets, no completion, no push ​at the end to get things "to the finish line".  

It's as though I haven't even really defined what the goal is.

You can't push for a goal when the goal-line isn't even ​on the field! The goal for my "Create Your Website Master Class" series seems clear enough, but what's the hold-up to getting this fully launched?  A target date?

​Yep, still building the templates for the Master Class series!

Not only that, I often find myself challenged with creating priorities ​between all of these ideas.  The result is ​a muddying of what I want to share, with each idea competing for attention, and ​the water continuing to "cloud up" as I attempt to ​see more clearly what I was trying to accomplish.  ​As I try to swim in one direction or another, what seemed ​an obvious choice the night before no longer seems to hold up to the light of ​day.

So enter today's powerful question:  "What is the total opposite of what you think you should do?"

Last week, as I struggled to regroup, I asked myself this question.  Suddenly, checking my emails, looking at website templates for yet ANOTHER idea and vacuuming the rug fell into ​the proper priority-order. My goal is to start reaching ​you.  If I'm not reaching ​you, I am not helping ​you accomplish ​your goals.  A​nd if ​you don't accomplish ​yours, I can't accomplish mine.  In order to reach ​you, I need to reach out with what I can offer.  Thus, the "31 Powerful Questions" pack was born, as a way of ​me sharing ​with ​you what I can ​offer ​to help you grow ​your business and personal ​life.   

Not only for your clients, but for YOU. 

​Today's question can help you take the time to reflect when faced with what seem to be competing priorities.  What is the total opposite of what I think I should do​?  ​Do nothing.  Get stuck in the weeds.  Work on projects that don't fire my passion.  

Help yourself and your clients refocus when what doesn't need doing might provide a clearer path to what you absolutely need to do!

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